Bozeman Candidate Forum Series

Meet the 2021 Candidates for Mayor of Bozeman, City Commission and Municipal Judge. The Bozeman Candidate Forum Series will present an educational, non-partisan online public forum. A series of questions on local issues will be answered by all of the candidates, and a Q&A from the audience will follow.


Submit a Question for Candidates: 
Questions from the public will be received only via email in advance, or live via the group chat feature of the zoom webinar.
To submit via email: Please email your drafted question in advance of the forum to: and to join the Zoom webinar.
To submit via chat: Once signed in to the Zoom webinar, the bottom of your screen will have a toolbar. The “Chat” feature is on the toolbar; select that button and type in your question (no statements), and hit “enter” to submit. The forum moderator will incorporate your question in with the other questions that were submitted by email in advance.
You may direct your question toward a particular candidate, or to the whole group. For each question regardless of who the question was initially directed toward, each panelist will have an opportunity to speak to the question.



This event is over.

Wed. Oct. 20, 2021   6:30-8pm

Thu. Oct. 21, 2021   6:30-8pm

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