Downtown URD Board Meeting

The Downtown Bozeman Urban Renewal District (URD) will foster an economically thriving district that:

attracts investment;

stabilizes and strengthens the tax base; and

supports the vitality and diversity of the Gallatin Valley as its social and cultural center.

The URD was created to fund the implementation of the 1995 Downtown Bozeman Urban Renewal Plan. The URD board is appointed by the Mayor with City Commission consent. The URD is financed by the annual increase in the district’s tax base since 1995. As mandated by the Montana Code, the URD invests in infrastructure projects that add long-term value to the district.

The URD board provided matching funds for the landscaping of Soroptimist Park. The URD also made a significant financial contribution to the construction of Bozeman’s LEED-certified public library. URD monies funded the historic street lamps, benches, trash receptacles, and bike racks along Main Street. The URD is the major funding source for the Downtown Parking Garage, which opened in April of 2009. Recently the URD invested heavily into a robust fiber broadband network bring competitively price gigabit internet service within proximity to most downtown buildings and businesses.

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