"Ted K" BFS Movie w/Filmmaker Panel

A BRACING JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF TED KACZYNSKI - THE UNABOMBER Directed by Tony Stone | Filmed in Lincoln, Montana

. A panel follows the film with guests Kate Lindsay, TED K Production and Costume Designer and Jeri Rafter, TED K Production Manager. Moderated by Betsy Gaines Quammen, PhD. Environmental Historian and Author

. Deep in the American Rocky Mountains lived a man who sought refuge from modern society. His dark writings forewarned of a society ruled by technology. As the outside world encroached on his mountain sanctuary, he slowly became radicalized with rage. What began with small acts of sabotage, culminated with deadly bomb attacks, national media attention, and the largest manhunt in American history. Rated R, the film runs 120 minutes.

 Filmed on the actual Lincoln, Montana land where Ted Kaczynski’s 10-by-12-foot cabin once stood, Wall Street Journal film critic, Joe Morgenstern, writes that the drama delivers “A STUNNING PERFORMANCE BY SHARLTO COPELY…FINDING EMOTIONAL MERCURY IN KACZYNSKI’S BOILING CAULDRON OF RAGE.”

Cost: $9.25-$9.75 (plus fees)

Age: Rated R


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Wed. Apr. 13, 2022   7-9:15pm

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