Children’s Museum of Bozeman announces new name as Montana Science Center

On March 14th, 2019, the Children’s Museum of Bozeman became the Montana Science Center and released their new logo. This name change comes as the next phase to develop a center where families in the community come together to learn and play in science and technology. Since 2001, the Montana Science Center, then as the Children’s Museum of Bozeman, has brought hands-on play, learning and collaboration to the greater Bozeman community. In 2016, the Museum opened the STEAMlab, founded by Richard Harjes, which is a high-tech maker space focusing in self-directed high tech learning in coding, robotics, 3D design, mechanical engineering and more. Growth in STEAMlab programs has elevated the ways families interact with the Science Center and drove the Children’s Museum to create more elaborate and extensive exhibits focused in technology and science. The Montana Science Center will continue to offer unique experiences for full family engagement in play, with an increased focus in areas of science, technology, engineering and a more distinct focus on local women in STEM careers.

Since 2016, the Science Center has focused on revitalizing the current exhibits to
represent areas of STEM. These areas of activity focus in topics such as insects, physics, electricity, building, maker-activities and more. Imaginative play still forms a critical role throughout the Science Center as a way to incorporate activities for the youngest visitors.

Additionally, programming has been added to provide learning opportunities for students of all ages, visiting from throughout Southwest Montana. In order to provide access to all families in our community, the Montana Science Center partners with several other service organizations such as Thrive, Youth Dynamics and AWARE to provide free or reduced admission. The Museums for All program allows anyone with an EBT card and ID to gain a reduced admission as well.

The Montana Science Center welcomed several community members to the Center on March 14th, to celebrate Pi Day, and to release the new brand identity, completed by Prime, Inc.

As Executive Director, Abby Turner, stated, “We have seen a significant increase in the focus in STEM activities in our community and schools over the past several years, and we have found a desire from our community of visitors to elevate our exhibits and programs. Therefore, we are very excited to bring even more family collaboration in science and technology to our community.” The staff at the Science Center have worked to expand their programs and offeringsin order to meet the community’s growth.

In addition to the name change, the Science Center is actively looking for a new location. With this new location, they expect to add significant space to their exhibits, classrooms and STEAMlab in order to meet the growing demand for activities in STEM. The location of this new space has not been finalized, but a move will happen within the year. The current location is open Monday - Saturday from 9:30am - 5:00pm. A new website at will be up and running within the month.

Abby Turner can be reached at or at (406) 522-9087.