The Bozeman Municipal Band and Hayden Woods Present a Community Endeavor: 100 YEARS OF BOZEMAN MUNICIPAL BAND

The Bozeman Municipal Band in collaboration with local trombonist Hayden Woods, are seeking a commission piece that is backed by YOU, THE COMMUNITY with backer benefits and the opportunity to be featured as a major contributor! Perks include copies of the finished music score, collective pin(s), posters & more.

Donations may be made through the GoFundMe campaign, submitted to a dedicated account set up with Stockman Bank throughout Montana, or by mail to:

Bozeman Municipal Band
PO Box 674
Bozeman, MT 59771

Be sure checks are made out to and Stockman deposits are going to "Bozeman Municipal Band Commission Fund" and save your transaction for verification (email for verification) so that we can give the credit where it is due!

Local businesses focused on the communities of Bozeman and throughout the Gallatin Valley may be able to advertise on all correspondence leading up to the new season and at ALL performance events. Email to coordinate specific advertising specifications.