Bozeman Kickstarter campaign “Planet Of Misfits”

Interchange is a festival inspired by a series of chaos and imperfect moments. We all have closets, stories and social trauma. The profiled, the homeless, veterans, rape victims, being gay/transgendered, being bullied or telling someone you may die. We all have it. It’s the alternative to pushing away for fear of un acceptance. This year our topics include Racism, Human Trafficking, Women’s Rights, Homelessness, Veterans and the LGBT movement. This June 25-29, we’ll feature a Film Festival, Leadership Summit, The Remix Runway Show, Parade, Garden Party and Concerts featuring Paul Oakenfold, People Under The Stairs and more!
Check out our Kickstarter campaign “Planet Of Misfits”: This is a social investment and we risk the wages of obsession. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and acknowledging that our greatest fear is what we desire most.  Like a kaleidoscope, we find the wonderfully complex grey area and smother ourselves in it.  The wallflowers. If we invest in social experience and develop empathy into our leaders, into everyone, we all learn, we all win.