Montana Senator Steve Daines returns to Bozeman, met by constituents

Ken Thorsen


Montana Senator Steve Daines returned to Montana Friday afternoon landing in Bozeman where he was met by a group of constituents seeking explanations on policy set forth by the Trump Administration as well, as reasons for his votes for cabinet key appointments.

The group of roughly 40 constituents gathered at the arrival platform at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport holding signs saying “we want a town hall meeting”, ”we want answers”, “we just want to talk” and “we want our voices heard”.

As Mr. Daines used a side exit an attempt to avoid his constituents I was able catch Senator Daines and ask a few questions.

KT: What are your feelings on the 9th circuit Court ruling on the Travel ban?

Senator Daines: Happy to be back in Montana.

KT: Senator Daines, is it true Betsy DeVos donated upwards of $48,000 to your campaign, and did that influence your decision on voting for her for education secretary?

Senator Daines: [no comment] Just smiled.
KT: How will Mrs DeVos’ plans to overhaul the education system affect Montana schools particularly rural school communities?

Senator Daines: [no comment] He smiled and waved.

KT: Senator Daines, why did you silence Senator Elizabeth Warren on the senate floor?

Senator Daines:. [no comment] He smiled and waved.

KT: Senator Daines are your morals, values and ethics in line with that of the Trump Administration?

Senator Daines: [no comment] He smiled and waved.

                                                                                   photo courtesy KBZK video

Bozeman Magazine has made numerous requests to senator Steve Daines office for an interview. We have yet to hear back from him or his office. We contacted the office Friday and the spokesman at the office said that Senator Daines said “it felt like an ambush”.

An ambush of constituents wanting answers from one of Montana’s only two sitting Senators. We are hoping we will get answers to these questions in the upcoming days.

See KBZK's full story and video here.

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