7 Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Property

Not all snakes are dangerous, but you will most likely not be able to tell the difference between a harmless one and a poisonous one. Since your safety is paramount, you must do all you can to keep snakes out at all costs. Here are seven effective ways of preventing snakes from entering your home.
1. DIY Snake Repellent
The use of snake repellents is one of the most effective ways of keeping snakes away from your property. There are various snake repellent chemicals in the market that you can buy. When using snake repellents, you need to be very careful, especially if you have kids and pets, because some of them can be fatal to kids and pets.

Other substances at home that might work for repelling snakes include garlic and onions, ammonia, vinegar, lime, and pepper. You can also spray ammonia around your property or soak rags in ammonia and leave them about your property.
If you want to try kitchen solutions, you can burn onion and garlic at certain spots around your property to keep snakes away.
2. Call for Pest Control Services
Using homemade solutions is one thing, but if you notice that the snake-trouble is beyond what you can handle, then it’s time to contact a snake removal service provider in your area.
It is advisable to get a professional snake removal service if they are already on your property. They will remove the snake in the most humane way possible and release it back to the wild or take to an animal.  
You can also request for a professional fumigation service to fumigate your entire property to drive the snakes out and repel them enough to make them stay away. Click here to contact Snake Removal Nationwide service.
3. Seal Damp and Cool Crawl Space Within Your Property
Snakes love cool, damp, and dim-lit places; it is their perfect definition of home sweet home. This is why cool and damp crawling spaces within your home should be a no-no. Areas like your basement, house foundation, tree houses are places snakes can easily creep into and take up as a home.
You should check your home’s exteriors and interiors for cracks and holes that could allow snakes entry and also harbor them. Repair such areas and also seal off holes and gaps within/under your doors and windows.
Eliminating their shelter would deter snakes from entering and taking up residence within your home.
4. Clear Clutter from Your Yard
If you have clutter in your yard, just know that that’s an easy hideout for snakes. This is why you have to keep your yard tidy always. You need to clear out woodpiles, useless old items, scrap metals, construction debris, compost heap, and other things that form clutter around your property.
Useful items such as wooden boxes, old toys, and the likes should be put into storage. If they are not well-stored, they can easily harbor snakes, thereby putting you and your family at risk.
5. Erect Snake-proof Fences
It is not enough to have regular fences around your property; snakes can slither through or climb regular fences. That is why you need to erect a snake-proof fence to prevent snakes from entering your property.
You should erect a fence made of steel mesh and catch net or rubber sheet. This combination would keep out the snakes compared to the typical hole-filled fences.
Ensure that the fence is deeply anchored into the ground with no open spaces below the fence. The fence should also be high up to at least 3 feet. To make it difficult for snakes to slither over the fence, you can put things like pine cones, gravel, eggshells, over and around the fence to bar the snake from climbing it.

6. Eliminate Snake Food Source
If you genuinely want to keep snakes out of your property, then you need to eliminate their food sources. This is because snakes move around mostly to find food and shelter. Once they find your property as a conducive environment due to the availability of food and shelter, they would likely remain there.

To avoid this, ensure that food plates for kids and pets are not lying out in the open. Garbage cans should be appropriately sealed to prevent snakes from slithering in to find food.
Also, if you are in an area where rodents are present, you need to find a way to keep the rodents out as well. This is because rodents are one of the major sources of food for snakes. If the snakes perceive the likes of mice, frogs, rabbits, and closer to your abode, they might come around.
In the event that you find a snake in your property, don’t try to kill the snake, if you are not in any immediate danger. Instead, call for professional help to remove the snake and also check other areas of your property to see if there are more.
7. Get a Dog
Finally, you can get a dog, if you already don’t have to help you keep snakes out of your property. Dogs are natural predators for reptiles and rodents. Their natural sensitivity will help them sniff out snakes to get rid of them. Most times, their bark would be enough to scare away snakes.
Snakes are wild animals that can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. To keep your property safe and snake-free, you should try sealing damp places, and other likely shelters for snakes around your property, using snake repellent and following the other recommendations in this article.