How To Learn Languages in a Fun and Efficient Way

Learning a new language can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. But can fun and games lead to efficient language learning?


When you enjoy the learning process and get excited about it, it increases the activity of neurons in your brain. These neurons produce hormones that increase positivity, motivation, cognitive function, learning abilities, energy, and attention. So, finding a fun way to learn a new language is great for you, but it works! It doesn’t mean you can throw your textbooks away just yet. Fun learning activities to be supplemental to explicit study. The idea is to incorporate enough fun activities into your study schedule so you don’t get bored or disheartened. And many of the ideas below are easy to incorporate into your schedule every day.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of opportunities to connect with native speakers and practice your reading and writing skills. Find groups that match your interests and are using your target language. You will be reading and writing posts before you know it.

Play Online Video Games

Popular games like Minecraft and Call of Duty allow you to connect with users worldwide. Look up some gameplay videos in the target language to see what language is being used. Connect with native speakers through the gaming community and you will be joining their gaming teams quicker than you can say “surrender”!

Try An Online Class

Ever thought of taking German lessons? Or maybe French? Online language platforms like Preply offer fun, interactive classes that allow you to practice with a qualified, experienced tutor. 

Find Friends Online

Language exchange sites are great for connecting and chatting with native speakers. But interactions can be stiff, scripted, or stunted. Nevertheless, there are plenty of platforms for ex-pats or individuals living abroad where you can connect with speakers of your target language. 

Go On a Date!

Are you a single language learner looking to practice speaking skills with other single language learners? First dates are always awkward. So why not make it a little more so by choosing someone primarily because of their mother tongue! Many dating apps allow you to use filters to choose language and location. And you never know. “The One” may speak your target language!

Change the Language Settings on Your Phone   

Given how much time we spend on our phones, this is a great way to force yourself to use the target language. It also requires zero changes to your schedule to achieve. Just make sure you have the time and space to change it back if you get in a muddle!

Spring Road Trips and Sightseeing

If you live in a country that speaks your target language, taking a trip is a fun way to practice. You will be reading road signs and maps and expose yourself to the culture, architecture, and landmarks.

Recipes, Cooking and Ordering Food

If you’re a foodie who loves to cook, then doing so in the target language is great for extra practice. You can find recipes and instructional videos online that you can follow. If you’re more of an eating type foodie, then you could be the one to read and translate the recipes. Or choose one of your favorite target language speaking restaurants.

Have a Laugh…

Learning a new language doesn’t have to mean sitting with a textbook or in front of your computer the whole time. Evidence suggests that this may not be the most effective method anyway. Some formal training and learning for aspects of grammar and vocabulary will always be necessary. If you team it up with some of the suggestions above, not only will you have fun while learning, but you’ll also be learning more effectively.