7 Great Free Apps Every Music Lover Needs to Know

Do you like music and want to find more good tracks? Do this conveniently by using your smartphone and TOP helpful apps.

Best Apps for Music Lovers
Music has changed dramatically during the last decades. And that has become a tendency because of rapid technological progress. It makes new music genres emerge. And it also makes music available at hand. Many users start to use their smartphones to listen to the music they like. 

That is extremely convenient. But, unfortunately using the Internet for this purpose is not always a safe thing. There are different types of threats, like malware, spyware, and hackers, on the other side of the coin. Still, that is not the reason to refuse amazing music tracks. They can start to be available in a few clicks thanks to the seven best apps that many music lovers may appreciate. There will also be one extra suggestion to make your listening experience safer. Let's cover all the helpful points.

If you want to enjoy good music and find some tracks you have heard before, these apps can help you a lot with that:

1. Shazam
Have you ever appeared in a situation when you are going somewhere and hear a song that you like immensely but don't know the artist and what the song is called? Shazam will help you to solve the issue. This tool is definitely among the TOP apps to find new music. It helps to find an artist and see music specifications. It also enables quick music sharing. The second thing you need to find out what kind of track you are listening to is to turn on the app and allow it to do a search.

2. Google Play Music
This is one of the easiest options to have at hand.  A user can go to any station that meets one's musical interests. All the music stations are classified according to their music types and temperaments. The app offers more than 50,000 different music combinations. Google Play Music is among the most convenient apps.

3. Apple Music
You could skip this option if you have an iPhone. But, Apple music is good in fact. The biggest advantage of this app is that it gives to a user the exact music one likes.  All recommendations will be formed based on the information about how you had rated other artists before.

4. Spotify
This is another extremely convenient app that opens access to an enormous number of good tracks. Spotify also offers premium quality services and has huge libraries. Using this app will take some money, but the price is pretty affordable. Why? Spotify doesn't only have huge libraries but it also promotes new good musicians. 

5. SoundCloud
This is probably one of the largest music libraries that contain tracks from different artists. Some of them are very good but they are not widely known. Even good handmade pieces may appear on this platform. This app allows users to stream tracks directly or make downloads. The app covers all types of music.

6. Bandsintown
This is a bit non-traditional app. It gives information about different music festivals, concerts, and simply engaging music gatherings. The single thing that a user needs to do is to input the title of an artist or performance. The tool will provide a link to buy tickets for yourself and for your friends conveniently online. Get first-hand information about the most interesting music events from this tool. And by the way, it will also recommend other good artists based on your previous search results.

7. Bandcamp
This is probably the best application for upcoming artists and for those who want to find out about them. The app offers the option to see TOP trends and find out more about fresh releases. This app will allow you to find out about all tracks that will become future hits first. 

One More App for Boosted Security
While using different apps, not only for the purpose of listening to good music, security is always an issue during Internet surfing. Different malware, spyware, and similar threats, unfortunately, appear online, maybe even nearby some good tracks to listen to. 

Luckily, there is a good solution to make a smartphone or any other device safer. A VPN tool will shortly make your device untraceable and hidden from hackers. How does it work?

Any device, whether this is a smartphone or computer, has its unique identifier – an IP address. If a hacker finds out about it, a device instantly becomes vulnerable to different attacks. While you are engaged in listening to your favorite or simply extremely good new music, hackers may cause different damages and steal your data. 

A VPN tool can replace your real IP address with another one. It offers a wide range of VPN servers among which a user can choose anyone that suits one best. And VPN is not only a good tool for security. It can also unblock any content access which has been restricted for some reason. For instance, there is much good music in Sweden. But, if some good music content is blocked, Sweden VPN can easily get access to the desired music easily. VeePN can make this search both easily and safely. Yes, many geographical and governmental restrictions may be overcome easily in a few clicks. Simply choose any Sweden VPN server and you will be likely from this country without any censorship applied.  

There is also a pleasant bonus – a free VPN is available also. Many happy customers worldwide have already tried this tool – user review VeePN confirms the point.  Install a tool for security and boosted user experience. Enjoy your favorite and new music without worries. A free VPN is also available.

Final Words
Find your best musician apps among all suggestions listed here. And don’t forget about cyber security while having engaging listening experiences. Use a VPN tool for that purpose.