Artist Returns to Exhibit in Bozeman After Three Years

Kari Maxwell will exhibit her latest body of work at Cello Bozeman this August.  This new work is primarily inspired by the buffalo and wild horse population in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 

Maxwell, a resident of Minneapolis, has had gallery representation in Bozeman for over 17 years. She is the featured artist at Cello (2 West Main Street) on Friday, August 9 from 6- 8pm.  

Additional appointments can be made to meet the artist on Saturday, August 10 or Sunday, August 11 at

Cello’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10am - 6pm, Saturdays 10am - 5pm and Sundays 11am - 5pm.

Maxwell's painting career began in 2004 with her paintings of cows (see Brown, Curt, "Painter finds grace and beauty in the eye of a cow", Star Tribune, February 15, 2014).  She has held a steady presence in the midwestern and western art communities ever since.  

In addition to her past and current animal subjects, Maxwell has exhibited her abstract paintings, watercolors, mixed media work and painted portraits.  The pull she experiences towards painting her animal subjects, however, has been like no other.

A few years ago, Maxwell read this excerpt from Robin Wall Kimmerer's book, Braiding Sweetgrass which seemed to connect many of the dots for her regarding this pull:

" the Native ways of knowing, human people are often referred to as 'the younger brothers of creation'. We say that humans have the least experience with how to live and thus the most to learn - we must look to our teachers among the other species for guidance.  Their wisdom is apparent in the way they live.  They teach us by example."

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Kari Maxwell