Jack Carroll Thorsen

Jack Thorsen

Jack Carroll Thorsen has been covering Bobcat Football for Bozeman Magazine for the past two seasons, since he was just ten years old. Jack was born in Bozeman, and loves Bobcat Football. He blogs during each home Bobcat game on his Facebook page , and his after game blog can be found at jacksfootballblog.com.

This preseason Jack was present at the unveiling of the new Bobcat uniforms, and for media day; where he took the cover photo for this months magazine, and a team photo that has made its way around social media sites. During the football season jack frequently attends the weekly Cat Chat held at the Pourhouse where Coach Ash and various Bobcat players answer questions from fans and media. He also attends post game press conferences immediately following home games, he is often able to ask questions at the end of the conferences.

In the August 2013 issue of Bozeman Magazine (and at bozemanmagazine.com) you can find Jack’s preseason interview with Bobcat coach Rob Ash. For the rest of the season check out the magazine for Jack’s predictions and updates about players and games.
Jack will be a 7th grader at Sacajawea Middle School this fall.

Find him at every home Bobcat game, on the field, and in the box for Bozeman Magazine.

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Jack Thorsen

Jack Thorsen is a sophomore at Bozeman High School. He is a defenseman on the Gallatin Valley Lacrosse Team, and a member of the BHS Varsity Golf Team. He has been writing for Bozeman Magazine for the past five years.

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