Jack Kid Cat Chat with MSU’s Coach Ash

Jack Thorsen

Jack: Well first of all wasn’t that an exciting game? (referring to the Eastern Washington 52 Bobcats 51 loss at home on Saturday Sept 20)

Coach Ash: It certainly was an amazing game back and forth just lasted 30 seconds too long.

Jack: The last minute and 20 seconds of the game the crowd was extremely loud, what does that mean to you as a coach and team?

Coach Ash
: I thought it was fantastic the crowd was super helpful to us. I think they thought it was a great game. If we had gotten that 4th down conversion the crowd would have gone absolutely crazy.

Jack: Why not give Daly the opportunity to kick the field goal at the end of the game?

Coach Ash
: It was a little too far. Daly has a great leg and if we had had 10 more yards I probably would have given him the chance. It was just a little too far Jack.

Jack: The team played extremely well. The offensive line was strong and put up great protection for Dakota. The defense came away with a few clutch turnovers and the offense as a  whole put 50 plus points on the board. Was this a bittersweet loss for you? What can you and the team take away from this game?

Coach Ash: Excellent question Jack. It’s a bittersweet loss, that’s a really good way to say it. It’s bitter right now because it was so close and so hard fought. We felt it was a good opportunity to have a great win. There’s a lot of positives we will take from it and move on. Thanks Jack.

: Thanks Coach for taking the time to answer a few questions. Talk to you soon.   

Montana State lost to number 2 ranked Eastern Washington 51 to 52 in one of the best and most hard fought  football games I have witnessed in my history with Montana State football. I interviewed Dakota Prukot earlier in the season and asked him to describe the Bobcat offense in one word and his answer was “EXPLOSIVE”.  

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Jack Thorsen

Jack Thorsen is a sophomore at Bozeman High School. He is a defenseman on the Gallatin Valley Lacrosse Team, and a member of the BHS Varsity Golf Team. He has been writing for Bozeman Magazine for the past five years.

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