October Cover Artist: Jennifer McClellan

"Creativity Takes Courage" -Henri Matisse

Jennifer McClellan has been pursuing the free feeling of creating art in nature since 2004. “When first I ventured out to do a plein air painting in 2004, I was unsure of what I was getting myself into, somewhat scared you might say. I got lost in the mixing of the paint, the creation of the scene in front of me. I did not feel ‘scared’ I felt free by being out of doors in nature.  I knew this was something that I would pursue.”

Jennifer grew up in southern California, early on near the San Gabriel Mountains, from which she found peace and inspiration. Later, she lived in Newport Beach, where her favorite scene usually included cliffs with crashing waves.

Oil painting came later in life and started as a hobby which her husband encouraged her to do. In 2010, both Jennifer & Patrick closed their law office and interior design office and moved to Montana, where the mountains and rivers were there to inspire. It was a heartfelt dream for both of them and they took up creating art and following the dirt roads to wherever they may lead to find an inspiring painting. They also paint in their studios.

Jennifer has been involved in many art contests, plein air events and has had her painting included in the Annual CM Russell First Strike Friday Night Auction Event.

She also likes to keep improving her craft and has taken many workshops from notable local and national artists.

Landscapes are her first love, but she also enjoys painting wildlife and she has done her fair share of Pet Portraits from pet lovers who want that special pet memorialized. Her paintings are in the Tendoy Fine Art Gallery in Dillon, MT, Highway 287 in Ennis, MT, and available through her website www.jsmcclellan.com/

“I have endeavored to pursue the free feeling I got 16 years ago to create something beautiful, something that would inspire the viewer to enjoy the scene as much as I did.

By choosing scenes that will draw the viewer in, adding that spontaneous touch of color or unusual shape and creating a mood to enhance the painting, I invite the viewer, you, to enjoy.”