Editors Note: Love For Events

Angie Ripple

Welcome to the April 2010 issue of Bozeman Magazine. Last April was the first and so far, the only time we did not print an issue since beginning in June 2007. The April 2020 issue appeared digitally on our website and issuu.com and we began working on the next issue. In addition to our informative and hyper-local content, we feature events before they happen, both in editorial and with our calendar of events. It has now been a full year of interrupted, canceled, and rescheduled events, which as humans we’ve become accustomed to, and have found new ways to satisfy our need for entertainment, but the magazine has struggled to find things to cover before they happen, our advertising partners have had to let go of leases, have dropped capacity of visitors and cut advertising budgets.

Throughout this difficult year, we have continued to tell the stories that make Bozeman the unique place that it is. Our content is contributed by local contributors, talented and committed individuals who help make Bozeman Magazine interesting and sought after.

I am hopeful that this note will be read by community members with a desire to contribute to this year’s issues. We have very simple writer guidelines and accept as few or as many as a contributor is able to contribute. We simply look for untold stories that inform our readers about our area. We also create lists of local things and places that help locals, visitors, and newcomers become familiar with our area and provide ideas for new adventures. Each month, we feature at least one local opinion piece, which we call What’s Your Beef? We would like to hear your opinion on local happenings, shortcomings, or things that are not given equitable attention.

Our website has a form for contributors to fill out, or you can simply send an email asking for more details at info@bozemanmagazine.com.

If you are creating events in our area this summer, we offer a FREE way to get them seen online and in print; you can add your events at www.bozemanmagazine.com/events/submit. There are options to feature the event(s) on our homepage, purchase display advertising, or simply spread the word about your event to make it a success.

If you have a local business and are looking to broaden your reach, solidify your brand, and find new customers, we offer many options to get you seen both online and in print. Without our advertising partners, we would not be able to continue bringing the interesting info. we seek out each month. Please direct all advertising inquiries and media kit requests to me at angie@bozemanmagazine.com.

The many kind words, advertising orders, comments on our site, interaction on our social media accounts, new contributions and community interaction over the past twelve months have been very encouraging. These are all ways that any reader can show support for Bozeman Magazine - thank you Bozeman, and keep it up.

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