Top 10 Bozeman Resolutions

After months of beautiful weather (and thankfully just a few that aggressively nipped at our ice-caked noses), it looks like another year in Bozeman has flown by again. And, inevitably, the abandonment of my previous New Year’s resolutions are too many to count on my fingers. Don’t worry though; if you’re anything like me and fell back into old habits, or are just completely out of ideas on resolutions for a brand-new calendar year, peruse the list below for some local inspirations!

Try One of Bozeman’s Local Eateries

It’s no secret that Bozeman hosts a wide and varied selection of restaurants: should you experience hankerings for Indian, cravings for Korean, or daydreams about the Mediterranean, a short commute can land you at the door of those passionate enough to make regional cuisines their livelihood. If you have a stomach for expanding your palate, spice up your new year by eating somewhere new! Your dining explorations will support local businesses, and you’ll benefit from the added bonus of possibly finding the haunt that keeps you coming back time and time again—certainly an endeavor worth considering.

Give Out an Act of Kindness

While it can be tempting to pledge ourselves to grand, unrealistic feats every year, taking a step back and simplifying our expectations can help us not only to realistically accomplish our commitments, but motivate us to continue improving ourselves. As such, let’s start by thinking about doing something kind for someone this year. It doesn’t have to be much—maybe the neighbor needs his car jump-started, or you know that one of your friends could use a hug and a pat on the back—but kindness breeds more kindness, and what better way to exemplify the hospitality we often enjoy in Bozeman than by ensuring it takes place ourselves? Your kindness is sure to be appreciated, and maybe the first step to improving yourself beyond what you thought was possible—it’s certainly worth a shot!

Explore Someplace New in Town

I know from my own commutes and pedestrian meandering that I really haven’t seen everything Bozeman has to offer; every time I pass by a previously unknown neighborhood or business, I remember the excitement of new discovery. This is certainly the place for it, and the town offers a plethora of new experiences to enjoy! From discovering one of the community’s numerous walking trails, to admiring its historical architecture, you will never find a shortage of unique explorations to take part in; why not decide to see more of the beautiful town our wonderful locals call home? At the very least, you might walk away with intimate knowledge on the score of parks that pepper Bozeman, or (this author’s favorite) the emerging brewery scene—it’s just a win-win!

Attend a Community Event

You can’t live here for long without realizing that community events present welcome additions to daily life—we just like doing things! Branch out your Gallatin Valley experience by seeking out one of innumerable January activities. Between bars like The Haufbrau hosting Open Mic Nights every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, and the Belgrade Community Library offering storytimes for children ages 0-6 with a focus on introducing and teaching American Sign Language, there are plenty of activities in the community for anyone of any age to enjoy. Take a peek at the Bozeman Magazine Events Calendar to plan your experience at any of the numerous activities taking place this month, and settle in to enjoy what the community has to offer!

Enjoy Some Fresh Air

We are certainly blessed to live in an area with such beautiful surroundings, but sometimes the responsibilities of life can prevent us from fully enjoying them. Making a change this year to get outside more and savor our picturesque settings isn’t only therapeutic and relaxing, but can also promote our health! Whether simply taking a walk, or training for a marathon, the benefits we can enjoy from breathing a little fresh air go a long way towards improving our mental and physical status, and providing us a healthy outlet to unwind and relax. Resolutions don’t have to be a chore—incorporate this one to help balance your life, and have a bit of fun doing it!

Join a Gym Again

Okay, okay, I know. Probably not the best idea to list a resolution that we have all usually dropped first: gym memberships. But, how can you resist taking another shot at it when Bozeman offers newly upgraded facilities like Access Fitness and other 24/7 gyms to help burn off that cheat day (cheat month in my case)? You can always exercise at home for free; there are plenty of exercises that accomplish whatever goal you might have. But, I don’t have a completely equipped weight room—who does? Plus, you’ll never finish a resolution you’ve given up on if you don’t keep trying, so give it another shot! With abundant resources available in the community, this time is sure to go better.

Discover a Good Book

In a time of year when daylight seems to flit away too quickly to enjoy a full afternoon, there is hardly anything better than a book to cuddle up within the growing twilight. And, what’s better than a newly discovered masterpiece to keep you entertained, and even experience ideas you’ve never encountered before? Bookworms who find themselves facing their exhausted shelves are in luck! Bozeman offers a variety of local bookstores to choose from: should you be in the market for time-tested volumes, Isle of Books on Huffine Lane offers a selection of used texts to peruse. If new stories are more your style, either Country Bookshelf or Vargo’s on Main Street may have what you’re looking for. Be sure to start your year off right by introducing books into the next chapter of your Bozeman experience!

Volunteer for a Non-Profit Organization

There is hardly an activity more rewarding than actively involving yourself in the betterment of the community around you. Numerous non-profits around town depend on the generosity and hard work of local heroes, and there are a wide variety of positions that can be filled! Should you wish to help distribute food to those in need, the Gallatin Valley Food Bank is a wonderful organization to which you can offer your services. If mentoring a child is more your style, Thrive—a non-profit focused on improving social support in the Bozeman community—is currently accepting applications for its Child Advancement Project and other excellent programs. If you’ve found yourself with a bit of time on your hands and a desire to improve lives around Bozeman, volunteering for a local organization can be a satisfying way to bring in the new year.

Make Time for Loved Ones

While many activities have the capacity to easily ensnare our time and attention, one of the most valuable commitments we can make is to protect quality time with our loved ones. These are the people who have been with us through thick and thin—good times and bad—and we owe it to them to maintain our relationships and give back the positive support they have given us. Time is precious, and if we truly want to be our best, the most important change we can make will be one that improves the lives of the people around us.

Go Easy on Yourself

With all the talk about resolutions floating around us this time of year, we can easily lose sight of an important aspect of our improvement: perspective. All too often, we fall short of our own expectations in one way or another, and abandon our struggles for improvement in a horribly common stagnation. Take some time this year to go easy on yourself; baby steps are still an advancement, and it’s okay if you revert into old habits, that’s just life. The important `thing is that you are making an effort to improve, and that itself is valuable. Moving into the new year with a flexible and forgiving attitude is sure to help you reach your goals at your own pace, and you will be shocked at just how much positivity you can truly add to your community!

The new seasons that arrive in Bozeman remind us that, whatever we may have succeeded in or failed to accomplish in the past, there is always the chance to beneficially shape our future. No matter what we set out to do, our bustling community offers us a cornucopia of opportunities to explore, and a collective motivation to ensure that the Gallatin Valley remains a joy to inhabit for many years to come.