Top 10 Ways To Give Back

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

It’s that mouth-watering time of year again: November has finally arrived! While we daydream about poultry and creamy potatoes—and slyly pretend we haven’t all been listening to Mariah Carey Christmas Music since October—let’s take some time to appreciate any and all generosity we’ve enjoyed so far. In fact, sit back, grab a slice of delicious pumpkin pie, and read on to discover ten ways you can give back to those special people around you!

Volunteer For A Nonprofit
While certainly a predictable entry on this list, volunteering for a nonprofit organization not only ensures positive impacts in someone’s life, it can even benefit your whole neighborhood. Plus, with over 900 different nonprofit organizations to choose from in Bozeman, there is no shortage of interesting avenues to explore if you’re looking to pay things forward. With a surprising diversity of needs around town, you can expect to find all sorts of ways to admirably serve fellow community members.

Donate To A Good Cause
Though it’s unfortunate, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to commit towards community service. In cases like this, monetary contributions can still work quite well (though perhaps more subtly) to give back to others. If you’re looking for a good way to burn a hole in your philanthropic pocket, consider aiding one of many organizations around town that dedicate themselves to serving Bozeman residents in need.

Offer To Mentor Someone
We all start learning somewhere, and often the people around us—our peers, role models, and teachers—help craft us into who we are today. Why not continue the altruistic cycle and pay it forward? This month, a great way to give back can be to help others navigate challenges we have already conquered (though, not without a little help)! Whether you feel inclined to guide others through the challenges of life, or to nurture healthy, lasting relationships, there are numerous institutions around Bozeman that would love an extra helping hand.

Make Time For Quality Time
Who do we owe more to than the people closest to us? If you’ve been benefiting from the support of a loved one, make some time this month to show them how much they’re appreciated. Giving back doesn’t always need to involve grand public gestures; what better way to show someone you care than by making commitments to honor and recognize everything they’ve given you? From a lovely evening at one of Bozeman’s best eateries, to a night filled with pizza and The Big Lebowski references, there are no shortages of haunts around town that impress.

Involve Yourself In Local Happenings
Often, a great way we can serve others is to advocate for their wellbeing. In fact, utilizing your presence and voice can be a great way to engage in local discourse, and address issues that you might have noticed in our community. Found a way to improve your neighborhood, but not sure who to talk to? Try participating in the city’s next agenda online! Being present and vocal about strategies for the town to incorporate is a great way to stay in the loop and enact change!

Champion Your Community
Even in sports, while it may not be possible to like a rival team, it can be incredibly difficult not to end up cheering for the passionate, fun-loving fans covered in spilled beer and dumbfounding amounts of latex paint. The same can be said for representing our wonderful city. This November, spread some cheer by helping neighbors and friends become more aware of exciting events taking place all around them.

Organize A Local Event
Do you have an awesome hobby, but haven’t seen it around town? Creating your own community event can be a lot of work, but forming a space for others with similar passions to enjoy can be the first step towards blossoming a vibrant melting pot of creativity, local support, and unique perspectives. Have a few friends who enjoy video games? Why not host your own local tournament? Like knitting, but also the epic intensity of rock music? You could be the proud host of Bozeman’s first Heavy Metal Knitting Club—the possibilities are endless.

Support Nearby Activities
If organizing events sounds like a bit too much work for you to enjoy, I still have great news: you can give back to your community just by attending events that others set up. With ample, ongoing activities to choose from, you’ll be inspired every time you check what’s happening. Not only do nearby venues regularly host shindigs worthy of their repute, but any money you spend helps to support local businesses, and promote even more awesome events in the future.

Raise Awareness About Local Resources
For a lot of people who might need a helping hand, their largest obstacle can simply come from not knowing where to look for aid. In fact, whether short on groceries, or searching for a decent job, a lot of resources already exist for people in need, but they can be difficult to find. If you’re looking for a great way to give back this month, try spreading the word about any beneficial organizations or programs you might already know about! You certainly won’t need to do anything more than gush about your favorite community centers, and anyone who might need the information is sure to be grateful for it. Shining a light onto less publicized community services can be an incredibly easy way to make huge differences in someone’s life this fall.

Make A New Friend
Finally, if you feel blessed from your fortunes this November, the best way to give back can simply be to express your gratitude to another person. Why not make a new friend? Lots of people find themselves discouraged or frustrated with all sorts of things every day, and even one positive voice in someone’s life can make a world of difference. With Bozeman’s ever-growing popularity, there remains no shortage of people to meet, greet, and shoot the breeze with each and every day.

Still with me? I know there are a lot of ideas for serving the people around us, but nonetheless, be sure to try out some (or even all) of these delightful strategies for improving our neighborhoods this month. One good turn deserves another, and you’ll be surprised at how easily a good deed can build into crescendos of positive, gratuitous acts—keeping Bozeman one of the best towns around!  

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