Top 10 Bozeman Summer Activities

With a variety of unique activities to enjoy, Bozeman offers an exciting abundance of fun ways to spend your time this summer! From cultural arts in town to hair-raising wildlife encounters, there’s no shortage of great activities to ensure that you get the most out of this sun-drenched season. Keep on reading to discover some fun getaways you might just love to try this year.

Visit a Local Park
Whether you have an excitable dog, adventurous cat, oddly social parakeet, or are simply set on enjoying the outdoors yourself, Bozeman offers a grand total of 42 public parks to enjoy. Have you been to them all? Why not spend a summer visiting each? While some—like Bogert Park—offer a playground and even a basketball court, there are others dedicated to outdoor recreation. In fact, Bozeman Pond even boasts public land with fishing access—you don’t even need to leave town in order to scratch that angling itch!

Encounter a Grizzly Bear
While stumbling upon a 700-pound grizzly bear in the Gallatin National Forest is decidedly less fun than any other activity someone might wish they were engaging in, an equally thrilling, healthier alternative can be found off I-90 between Bozeman and Livingston: Montana Grizzly Encounter. Open since 2004, the grizzly bear sanctuary offers guests the chance to see rescued bears up close, while educating them about the species. With opportunities to learn about bear safety and conservation, and with all proceeds directly supporting the sanctuary’s bears and educational mission, Montana Grizzly Encounter offers an exciting summer activity that can’t be beat.

Try Some Golfing
Are sports your thing? Have you ever wished that you could combine your love of the outdoors with a healthy dose of friendly banter among peers, and the uncoordinated stupor of adult beverages? While the latter can’t be condoned in good conscience, if you are looking for a reasonably priced way to decompress in Bozeman this season, consider visiting one of the town’s many popular golf courses. Should stunning backdrops be your cup of tea, try Bridger Creek Golf Course. Looking for a quick and casual golfing experience? Head on down to Cottonwood Hills Golf Club, and book a tee time for their Par 3 course.

Ride a Scooter
If you’ve taken a stroll around town recently, you’ve probably noticed the collections of electric scooters that have descended upon Bozeman—as swift and unexpected as skeins of migrating waterfowl (the same collective term I propose for the ‘bird’ scooters themselves). While their ambiguous arrival has residents wondering if they have simply always been here, one thing’s for certain: they sure are fun to ride! With fairly cheap rates and enough wheels to go around for friends, you can enjoy Bozeman’s gorgeous summer weather on the go. They are technically considered vehicles, however, so be sure to follow traffic laws, and ride them on the roadways, not sidewalks.

Wrangle Some Fish
Fishing is a true requirement for a complete Montana summer, if it floats your boat. Be sure to buy a license from your local sporting goods or retail store, and go try your hand at the art of fishing. With several spots in town, and the entirety of the Great Outdoors, you can spend Bozeman’s longest days relaxing to the soothing sounds of clicking reels, lapping tides, and splashing fish—if you’re lucky! Plus, revenue from fishing license sales supports Montana’s conservation efforts, and is extremely important to ensure sustainable fishing for future anglers.

Explore the Bozeman Farmers’ Markets
In the mood for fresh food? Two popular, long-running Farmers’ Markets ramp up every summer, featuring fresh produce from local vendors, and handcrafted goods of all manner. The Bozeman Farmers’ Market is currently hosting its 20th anniversary in Lindley Park, so stop by Tuesday evenings from 5-8 pm to take a gander at its wide variety of unique produce vendors. Saturdays, visit the Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market (Home Grown and Hand Made Since 1971) at the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds (901 N Black Ave.) from 9am – noon in the Haynes Pavilion.

Rock On at a Local Concert
If you find yourself itching for a bustling venue, July in Bozeman is pumped full of high-octane community concerts to look forward to! Whether you’re on the prowl for exclusive bar events, such as the Summer Hip Hop Showcase hosted by the Haufbrau House, or live, indie-rock music from incoming artists like Zach Person, there are numerous events to keep you entertained for the whole month. Be sure to check out Bozeman Magazine’s Event Calendar to keep up-to-date with the various music events taking place in town.

Appreciate Local Art
While many might consider themselves quite cultured, this summer, flex your aesthetic muscles by visiting the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture to appreciate curations that honor the voices and interpretations of those from southwest Montana. The organization’s Emerson Lobby and Weaver Room Galleries periodically showcase influential exhibits, so whether you enjoy industrial landscapes or ceramic displays, head on down to learn more about the people and cultures that have helped shape Montana into what it is today.

Peruse a Museum
Few museums can boast a collection of six primary exhibits on the culture, technology, and legacy of the region they occupy. Even fewer greet their visitors with a 15-foot-tall bronze replica of “Big Mike,” one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever discovered. But, should you choose to visit Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies, you can experience both! The museum hosts a collection of influential and historic artifacts to learn about and even offers an indoor planetarium to tour the cosmos in 4K digital projection. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about Montana’s exciting past; plan your trip using the museum’s website at

Attend a State Fair
Sometimes, the cure for a restless summer can be found in the sweet, intoxicating allure of a state fair’s fried food. If that doesn’t do the trick, beer-battered patrons can spark their enthusiasm through a laundry list of exciting events. Bozeman’s 2022 Big Sky Country State Fair is no different, and anyone searching for some fun in the sun can rejoice over the live entertainment, carnival games, and whimsical rides that can be found at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. If you’re looking for tickets, be sure to check out its event page on their website!

There are lots of fun, engaging activities to look forward to in Bozeman this season—the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re after the peace of outdoor recreation, some quality time with family, or the comfort of well-established community events, this tightly knit town has something to offer everyone. Should you find yourself out and about in warm weather and the good company that Bozeman boasts, be sure to envelop yourself in it, breathe deeply, and savor the experiences that make the Gallatin Valley a wonderful destination to visit, and an unparalleled place to live!