Top 10 Bozeman Selfie Spots

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

                                                                               Musician Mandy Rowden posts a selfie from Palisade Falls while on tour in the area.

Bustling summers in Bozeman are the perfect time to capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re snapping the perfect shot of a rainbow trout in the great outdoors, or the ever-romantic sunsets casting iridescent rays downtown, there are dozens of unique photo opportunities you can enjoy this August.

Read on to discover ten of the best selfie spots around Bozeman for you and your friends to explore.

Big Mike
On the lookout for a photo session to make some jaws drop? How do you feel about snapping an Instagram post in front of a ten-thousand-pound apex predator? At 38 feet in length, and 15 feet tall, your online presence can turn heads with a photo in front of Big Mike—a bronze replica from one of most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever found! Greeting guests in front of the Museum of the Rockies, the prehistoric predator snags second looks with an immense, yet oddly welcoming stance. Just think of him as one big labradoodle.

Bridger Bowl Red Ski Chair
If you happen to be exploring the trails of Lindley Park off Highland Boulevard, don’t be surprised if you find a red, oddly out-of-place ski lift chair! Dedicated to Ben Lyster, who suffered a heart attack while skiing on Mount Ellis in 2010, the installation provides a moving history, and an intriguing design for visitors to enjoy and pose with. Another lift chair can be found downtown, on Bozeman Avenue, where pedestrians can admire a thoughtful and unique fixture that honors a tradition of outdoor recreation. If you happen to find that swinging ski lift bench while out and about, be sure to give it a swing for Ben.

Hyalite Canyon
With no shortage of stunning vistas, hidden valleys, and trails to enjoy, it’s no wonder that Hyalite Canyon would make this list. Happen to have a boat handy? Snap a stunning picture of the reservoir, and the surrounding, monolithic cliffs. Want to embrace your inner flower child? Find one of many hidden meadows among the area’s popular hiking paths. Whether visiting on a day trip or camping throughout the week, you’re sure to discover several sites that will take your breath away!

Palisade Falls
While enjoying Hyalite Canyon, if you find yourself looking for a short, easy trail to enjoy, go no further than Palisade Falls, a 1.1 mile, paved route that takes visitors up and around a stunning waterfall with an 80-foot vertical drop. With picnic tables located at the trailhead, and heavy forest trees providing shade over the trail in the summer, this scenic route is a must-see for those looking at capturing fun summer memories in the outdoors!

The Walt Whitman Bench
Almost as if it had been designed to take photos with, Jim Dolan’s bronze statue of Walt Whitman sits on a bench outside of Montana State University’s Wilson Hall. The statue was donated to the university by the local artist, and provides an amazing opportunity for poetry lovers to add a unique addition to their photo libraries. With just enough space to squeeze two into the frame next to a relaxed-looking Whitman, be sure to bring a friend along to enjoy the sculpture and trees (and leaves of grass) that compose this peaceful installation.

Downtown Bozeman
Sometimes, while the outdoors can be nice, you may wish to flex your metropolitan muscles. If this is the case, you’re in luck! With dozens of traditional, as well as modern, feats of architecture located in Bozeman’s historic downtown district, visitors can choose between a wide variety of impressive backdrops for that perfect selfie! Whether you want to impress viewers with a neck-craning shot of The Baxter Hotel, or display a bit of class at the newly renovated (Art Deco) Armory Hotel, there are all sorts of cool buildings, with even cooler histories, to give you the perfect shot.

Bozeman Mural at the RSVP Motel
If you ever feel inclined to understand the atmosphere that the town of Bozeman promotes, look no further than the Bozeman Mural outside of the RSVP Motel. Not only do its large, sprawling letters help promote the town’s friendly atmosphere of invitation, beauty, and camaraderie, but icons of wildflowers and wildlife create a beautiful, artistic piece anyone can appreciate. The brainchild of two local illustrators, the mural seeks to capture Bozeman’s essence: its spirit and creativity. If you’re looking for a trendy picture to impress your friends, why not include this metropolitan spot?

The Sky Shed
What could be better than sharing an adult beverage with a special someone in your life? How about doing so in a bar that is nine stories above ground, overlooks the entire town of Bozeman, and offers delicious Asian-inspired entrées? Oh, and did we mention the rooftop pool (for hotel guests)? If that sounds like fun (assuming you aren’t nervous about heights), then be sure to drop by The Sky Shed atop The Armory Hotel. It’s the perfect place to capture pictures of high-end cocktails, and the sweeping landscapes surrounding you.

Bridger Bowl
A resident favorite since the mid-1940’s, the epic descents for skiers and snowboarders at Bridger Bowl are cool enough to convince anyone watching to casually incorporate “dude” into their vocabulary. Better yet, providing picturesque, alpine settings for photos, you can “shred the gnar,” while letting an entire online audience know that you can hang. Just be safe out there! If you find yourself wanting to explore the mountain’s most challenging Ridge Terrain skiing trails, be sure to bring a partner, a shovel, and an avalanche beacon to ensure a safe trip.

College ‘M’ Trail
Graced by innumerable wildflowers and breathtaking views, Bozeman’s College ‘M’ Trail provides a challenging hike for students, recreationalists, and visitors looking to enjoy the outdoors. With three trail loops offering an easy, intermediate, and challenging route to reach the landmark ‘M,’ there are options for anyone interested in tagging along. Be careful after a rainstorm, however; the trails tend to get fairly muddy, which could result in a few dives, spills, and some dirty clothes. Should you reach the top, you can inspire others with photographs of majestic valleys, a tiny-looking town nestled below, and open skies that stretch for miles.

Wowza! With so many great opportunities to get outside and celebrate the town we live in, how do you even choose? Luckily, with Bozeman’s long, extended summer hours, there’s enough time to enjoy each one, and more! Should you find yourself with a bit of time to burn and a hankering for some cultural exploration, be sure to visit one or all of these fabulous selfie spots this season.

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