February Cover Artist: Matilda Wentzel

You may have seen Matilda Wentzel’s colorful art popping up around town, such as at Red Tractor Pizza in Bozeman or Big Sky Buds in Four Corners. This Big Sky-based artist is making her way into the hearts of her viewers—each acrylic painting is backed with intentions of bringing people closer to their true nature. She mentions, “I’m painting about unity within ourselves, with one another, and with something larger than life itself!” 

Matilda’s artwork guides us to wander inside ourselves, inspiring the stories of our own imagination to come to life. “It’s all about having a childlike love for life,” says Matilda, “living life to the fullest and noticing that every moment is sacred.”

Wentzel has spent the last three years self-publishing a book of her art, titled Treasures of Wisdom ~ Paintings and Poetry for Peace and Presence. Out this month, it includes 71 paintings, 84 drawings and 54 poems. This 8 x 10 inch hardcover book is printed on 80 pound archival photo paper, and would fit nicely on a coffee table for frequent revisits. You can purchase her book at AnArtisticAdventure.com, where you’ll also find a large selection of original paintings for sale, along with enamel pins, stickers, t-shirts, and more!

You never know what you’ll find when you give yourself the time to look at Matilda’s work. For instance, her series “The Awakening of the Senses” touches on the metaphysical side of our five senses. All her paintings have a wonderful way of revealing new, hidden details every time you look. Yet, simplicity seems to magically be at the heart of even the most intricate designs. Indeed, her work challenges us to think past our borders and interpret from a soulful place of contemplation. Besides visiting her website, check out Matilda’s art on Insta instagram.com/an_artistic_adventure