May Cover Artist: Shari Chandler

Bozeman artist Shari Chandler captures a peaceful stillness with her work; from her vast landscapes to the quieter botanical studies and whimsical bovines, she paints scenes that seem to go beyond a basic representation, taking viewers into a quiet moment with nature.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Shari was introduced to art by her grandparents, who were both painters. She was fortunate enough to take art classes in middle and high school, and went on to pursue art as a major at the University of Kansas. A year-and-a-half into that program, she decided graphic design wasn’t the path for her, and switched her focus to archaeology.

After ten years as an archaeologist, Shari rekindled her love of art while illustrating her masters’ thesis. That was in 2000, and she has been painting ever since. Her art has been represented by galleries in Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and her prior hometown of Silver City, NM. She has had paintings accepted in numerous shows, but the highlight was having a piece accepted into the 2002 Arts for the Parks Competition Top 100. This painting was also one of eight featured in Southwest Art’s article about the show.

In 2017, Shari moved to Montana to live with her fiancé. He was a huge supporter of her art, and got to see her in two shows in Bozeman: “A Moment in Time” at Old Main Gallery, and the 2018 Sweet Pea juried show, where her painting “Grosbeak Nursery” took second place. While they were on vacation in New Mexico in September of 2018, her fiancé passed away, but Shari considers Montana home now, and is inspired daily by the changing vistas and beauty that surrounds her.

Shari’s paintings were recently hanging at Bank of Bozeman (January through March of this year), and she currently has work at The Mercantile in Ennis, Sterling Fine Art in Silver City, NM. She is always open to giving tours of her home studio by appointment.