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No matter where you’re coming from or why you’re here, Bozeman has much to offer; and nightlife is on the rise. There are plenty of local bars and venues that encapsulate the city’s liveliness. Whether you need to unwind from a long work- or school week, or let loose after a day out skiing, there are plenty of great locations for you and your friends to get dressed up and roll to in style. Here are the top hotspots in the Bozeman area for a night of entertainment.

Ponderosa Social Club
Ponderosa Social Club is Bozeman’s newest late-night hotspot, a low-key chic establishment, fantastic for large parties. It’s the only restaurant in town with a bowling alley; they also have plenty of alternative indoor games to spice up your evening. These aspects make this more than just a place to wine and dine, but also to play and make memories with your friends and family. Ponderosa Social Club promises you an entertaining night in a gorgeous space to show off your sequins.

Voted Bozeman’s Choice #2 New Restaurant this year, Bourbon is a comfortable restaurant with a huge bar just across the foyer from Ponderosa. Come as you are, or get decked out in your best attire for dinner, drinks, local music, or Western dancing on Saturday nights. Aspen Crossing is home to two of the best places to get dressed up and get out on the town.

Devil’s Toboggan
Devil’s Toboggan is your chance to be taken back to the golden age of the speakeasy. The atmosphere is truly unprecedented—you won’t believe you’re actually still in Bozeman. The dark, classy, elegant ambiance here lends itself to dressing for the occasion. Strongly consider dressing much nicer than you do every day. Your satin, silk or velvet will look beautiful here; when in doubt, wear black.

Plonk is a modern joint centered on Main Street in the heart of downtown Bozeman. With a classic and comfortable atmosphere, and a wonderful selection of small plates to go with your drinks, this location is absolutely fantastic if you want to have a fancy night out on the town and still enjoy a relatively casual experience. Get out your best duds for a night of elegant pampering at Plonk.

Blend is an excellent winery for a small group. Tuesday nights they host “Ladies’ Night” featuring half-off bottles and starters. Make sure to grab your partner, or best group of girls, for a night of decompression, attentive service, and an intimate dining experience.

The Zebra & Last Best Comedy Club
The Zebra/Last Best Comedy Club is a rare two-for-one locale. Though separate, the establishments are adjacent to each other just underneath The Pour House. The Zebra serves a variety of drinks, and features excellent local DJs on weekends, making for a great dancing spot to show off your best fit. Across the way, The Last Best Comedy Club boasts not only a bar, but also weekly events with local creatives. These events double as a social club, providing lessons open to anyone wanting to participate. This double-whammy is a great spot to get out of your shell and express yourself in new and different ensembles.

The Rocking R Bar
The Rocking R Bar is an upbeat, high energy venue — perfect for weekend nights when you’re looking to wash away the week’s stress. With a large dance floor and local DJs, this is another great place to consider when you’re in the mood to get dressed up and go dancing with your friends.

The J and Company Bar
The J and Company Bar is yet another intimate spot on Main Street, best known for intriguing events. This site has a lot to offer: fantastic drinks, live music, comedy specials, and karaoke are just a few notables. If you’re looking for a solid location to dress to kill in an authentically Bozeman business, J and Co is for you.

Copper Restaurant and Whiskey Bar
Are you anticipating your evening taking a more classy turn? If so, Copper Restaurant and Whiskey Bar provides that more sophisticated ambiance, where you can feel free to dress to the 9s. Offering a wide variety of spirits and comfort food for a cold Montana night, Copper is the place to be for a more visceral experience, without sacrificing the taste of Bozeman nightlife.

The ELM is Bozeman’s newest concert venue, hosting local and touring live music on a weekly basis. A concert is a great excuse to wear your best attire and let loose. The variety of acts is sure to keep any music and/or fashion lover happy.

This list could easily continue, as Bozeman is a town that embraces and celebrates differences in creative expression. One of the best ways to express yourself or bond with new people can be through dress and style. Luckily, the consistently changing and blending of lifestyles here makes Bozeman a melting pot of style. Going out with the people you want to surround yourself with is one of the best ways to blow off steam and laugh away the stress of the week. Get dressed, grab your buddies and make sure you have your Uber lined up. A night downtown never disappoints.

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