Top 10 Thriftiest Hot Spots in the Bozeman Area

Ashley Phelan

I have yet to meet someone who can pass on a good deal. Thrifting culture has always been a beloved and highly valued activity for lovers of shopping. Luckily for us, it is growing in popularity as society begins to confront the issues of fast fashion and, more importantly, appreciate the sustainability of second-hand clothing. It encourages shoppers to get creative and to find themselves in materials that have lived many past lives. When you thrift to splurge on yourself, you’re splurging on the planet at the same time. Fast fashion makes up for 1.2 billion tons of pollution in our environment. By donating and shopping at these local stores, you’re preventing yet another material object from being discarded in a landfill. Do the Earth a favor by doing yourself one! Here are the top ten glorious thrift shops I have scouted out and deemed as second hand-royalty in the Bozeman area.

Re-Couture was voted #2 Used/Thrift Store in the 2023 Bozeman’s Choice Poll for good reason—they have great stuff! Their commitment to recycling fashionable, high-quality clothing (including great shoes and boots) in order to preserve the world is admirable, and certainly helps out the budget-conscious and environmentally concerned shopper. Re-Couture is not just for shopping, but also for consigning high-quality designer and trendy clothing labels, select vintage denim, and even furniture and household items.

Sacks Thrift Store
Sacks lives tucked away on the corner of Grand Ave. and Mendenhall. As a nonprofit thrift store, this shop does more for the community than meets the eye. All the earnings made by the store are distributed and shared among local Help Center Incorporated programs. Sacks actively supports organizations that work to provide support and tackle major issues within the community. Some of these problems include suicide, sexual assault and harassment, child abuse and neglect, mental health, and so much more. The dollars you spend on a sweet necklace for your friend, or the cute top you’ve been eyeing for weeks, all go to outreach among the community. Not only have you treated yourself to shopping at this store, but you have also given a little bit of love back to the community. Give in to the excruciatingly tempting steals you can uncover here, Sacks Thrift Store works as a guardian angel and you get to kill two birds with one stone!

Good old Goodwill! We all know this classic American nonprofit organization. These stores are everywhere; it’s like the McDonald’s of thrifting. The slightly longer drive out of town is worth the deals you can find at this huge warehouse, located off Jackrabbit Lane in Belgrade. Here, you will get sucked into the maze of perfectly worn sweaters, a sea of denim jeans squished on the rack, and cozy T-shirts you could live in for days. Goodwill is passionate about its drive for creating opportunities within each community they are a part of by providing access to jobs, guidance, and resources for all. Areas of focus include supporting disabled, low-income as well as elderly individuals, helping them to achieve more independence and control of their daily lives. Goodwill offers these services across the country, by state. By shopping here, we are contributing to the ongoing cycle of community support.

Rethink Thrift
One of my personal favorites, and the first thrift store I found when I initially moved here, this original small shop off Main Street, Rethink Thrift has recently experienced a major upgrade! This business has now relocated to a larger building right off Rouse. The more space, the more hidden gems! You can find a fun collection of trinkets, houseware, clothing, toys, and accessories. They are popular for their punch cards which, over time, give you deals and discounts, as well as half-price Fridays. There is something for everyone at Rethink. If you love crafting, you can find a well-organized collection of yarn, fabrics, art material, and more. Naturally, this place can fall under the category of stores that have you convincing yourself that you needed something you never thought you did before. Inspiration is fun! Who knows, maybe you can pick up knitting again to make your nana smile?

Second Wind Sports
Second Wind is a big one, possibly a pot of gold, for athletes and adventurous types. If you like going outdoors, whether it be to ski, climb, hike, camp, or anything of the sort, let me let you in on a secret — you don’t have to pay full price for those high-end, quality brands. Second Wind Sports, located on Olive Street near downtown, provides second-hand sports and outdoor gear for a lower price. Seriously, your credit card will thank you in the long run. Hobbies can get grossly expensive, and this is a gold mine. Do what you love, but Second Wind can reduce the damage to your bank account (especially since they are known as having the lowest consignment rates in Bozeman). And on the same vein, you can trade in some of your old gear, allowing it to have a new life with someone else who would really appreciate it. Whether you’re well-seasoned in your hobbies or a newbie, the staff here is determined to help you find exactly what you need at the price you desire.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Another treasured nonprofit in the Gallatin Valley, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is located on Arden Drive in Belgrade. This is not a store to overlook, especially if you are on the hunt for some quality furniture at a digestible price. Incoming college students: this is the place to furnish your ever-so-temporary establishment. Let’s not feed into the chain of corporate industry and capitalism! Habitat for Humanity’s goal is to provide support and guidance for families in need of a home. These ReStores take donations and recycle previously owned merchandise, sold at a fraction of its original price. Whether you need to furnish your home or just need spare materials for a project, this Habitat for Humanity Restore location has you covered.

Twice Treasured Thrift
Out near Four Corners, you’ll find Twice Treasured sitting pretty off Gallatin Road. This thrift and consignment store raises money in support of Christian education. This little shop has two floors; on the first floor you can find kitchen tools and appliances, China and dish sets, clothing and accessories. The basement can be easily overlooked; if you take the stairs to the left of the entrance, the lower level contains crafting materials, old books, desk supplies, and much more. The key is to take your time at Twice Treasured—their floor displays are comparable to what can be found in a museum, and you never know what trinkets you might stumble upon.

Cash 4 Clothes
Cash 4 Clothes enables you to sell your closet while expanding your wardrobe. Don’t anticipate getting more for your dollar, but do expect to find something that can boost your daily confidence with a little bit of spice. While this location is not on the cheaper side of the thrift spectrum, you can find spectacular deals and unique finds. Cash 4 Clothes has not only the latest trends in fashion, but also vintage, antique finds. It is located on North 7th Avenue; treat yourself to Dairy Queen next door after you shop! Rather than donation-based, this is more of a community buy-back program.

Bozeman Vintage
This is one of the more secretive pockets of Bozeman. In an unassuming shopping mall, you can stumble upon one of the more elaborate and impressive vintage shops around town. At the M View Plaza off North 7th, you wouldn’t expect to see such a beautiful collection of authentic leather jackets, vintage pins, patches, and more. Walking into the shop, you can see a patchwork project of broaches, posters, and jerseys, encapsulating trends of the past. Bozeman Vintage is determined to stay connected to its authentic western roots and heritage while presenting many different eras and styles of American-Western culture.

Rare Bird Vintage
Rare bird contains a lot of coquette-style and mainstream aesthetics. Rare Bird can supply you with all your ‘dollette’ needs. You are investing in quality clothing that was cared for properly by a previous, stylish owner. The clothing offered here is carefully curated. If you are not looking for a feminine style, this is not the place for you, as it is definitely tailored to a softer look. In terms of second hand shops, I would consider this designer quality, and worth checking out if this is something that inspires you.

Keep in mind that donating your old clothes and items to local thrift and consignment stores is just as much fun as shopping! To keep these shops alive and in business, it is important that we all contribute to the cycle of reducing, reusing and recycling forgotten or unwanted items. This is a communal effort; something that means nothing to you now has the potential to bring a smile to someone else’s face and live a new life.