Top 10 Local Eateries For A Delicious Weekend Brunch

Ashley Phelan

Bozeman is widely known for its stunning natural beauty, and vibrant, ever-evolving food scene. Brunch has become a highly popular and beloved weekend tradition. Many local restaurants offer innovative, creative, and delicious breakfast dishes, often made with locally sourced ingredients. In this top ten brunch list, I will take you on a culinary journey to the best brunch spots in and around town, from comfortable cafés to upscale eateries. Whether you are a local or a visitor, these spots make a commitment to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day. So, grab a cup of joe, and let’s dive in.

Jam is one of the hottest brunch spots on Main Street. Even when the line runs out the door, their friendly and efficient staff will get you in and out in what feels like the blink of an eye. Don’t be confused—by no means are you rushed, nor does this hinder the food quality and dining experience. Known for their melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls and generously drenched benedicts, it is impossible to be disappointed. Jam’s menu provides a large variety; along with a wide array of tempting breakfast libations, any cravings will be quenched. Aside from a delectable brunch, Jam hosts many lively events. They are well known for their summer Drag Shows, usually hosted on Thursday and Friday nights. Jam seeks out performers around the area as well as surrounding states. If you’re interested in hosting an event of your own, whether for a work party or a friends and family gathering, look no further! Jam can also cater to a variety of venues. These events are reserved for after-hours, when the breakfast and brunch frenzy calms.

Cateye Café
This vintage, feline-themed café is an iconic favorite spot on North Tracy off Main. Sorry, you cannot bring your furry friends along to this hopping brunch location. This cozy, family-owned business has been running for 20 years, serving mouthwatering dishes of fresh, local food. Normally, you can expect a bit of a wait, as this little café is well-loved, but it is always worth it. All you need to do is write your name and party-number on a list, then you’re free to explore downtown until a table is open. But be sure you don’t stray too far and miss your seat! The walls are plastered with funky art and photography matching the kitten theme. You can find complimentary card games and books hidden in the drawers of each table. It is truly a treasure trove. Cateye treats all customers as family, making for a pleasant morning weekend activity. Whether you need to recover with your closest friends after a night out or take your family for a delightful morning treat, Cateye always satisfies. 

Feed Café is very easy to spot on West Main Street. Driving along the road, you will see a red, modern-style barn. That’s the spot. Feed serves farm-to-barn fresh food daily, offering vibrant, seasonal dishes. Owners Serena Rundberg and Nick Gabriel are deeply intertwined within the Gallatin Valley, providing support for other local artisans, farmers and businesses in the area. Through partnering with local providers, Feed offers a fresh, organic, and truly authentic Montana brunch experience. Come to Feed for a local, farm-fresh breakfast or lunch. The chic, contemporary atmosphere will set your day on the right, positive track.

Tanglewood is another local favorite, located on the west end of town in the Market off Boardwalk Avenue. As a part of the Blue Collar Restaurant Group, they provide excellent service, valuing hard work and efficiency. Tanglewood Grill and Tap offers a casual environment in a modern-style tavern. Brunch is offered daily from 10am - 2 pm, with a diverse assortment of classic favorites. Tanglewood has been described as “an American Bistro that serves food for the people.” Whether you want a hot sub-style sandwich, biscuits and gravy, or a lox-lathered bagel, Tanglewood is sure to meet all customers’ needs. Like many food establishments in the Bozeman area, fresh, high-quality ingredients are used to create top-tier dishes. Customers can expect a friendly atmosphere that invites friends and families to enjoy phenomenal brunch options.

Storm Castle
Storm Castle is another local favorite, especially for MSU students, as it is a short walk from campus. You can find this rustic brunch spot on Tai Lane off Lincoln Street, close to the North and South Hedges dorms. Storm Castle was featured on an episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives hosted by the famous Guy Fieri. If that doesn’t say enough already, let’s talk about their hot dishes. The Monte Cristo, a dish that sells out nearly every day, is a savory ham-and-swiss stuffed French toast that comes with a side of eggs and hashbrowns. The earlier you can go, the more likely you are to experience, and understand, the craze. Storm Castle is owned by a husband / wife duo, and most of their meat is supplied by their family ranch. The two worked long and hard to fulfill a shared dream to create a differentiated experience with their farm-to-table restaurant. Not only is the food absolutely incredible, but they also maintain a cozy, homey feel that makes everyone feel like a valued part of the family.

Chico Hot Springs
Located southeast of Bozeman, Chico Hot Springs offers lodging, fine dining, and natural mineral pools for soaking. Their historic dining room is sure to impress visitors looking for a bite to eat. You can find classic American breakfast spreads with, of course, a Western spin served at their weekly Sunday Brunches. Organic food is sourced from local Montana farms, and much of the produce comes from Chico’s own garden. This is a much more up-scale, fancy brunch experience. Chico Hot Springs is definitely a spot you’d want to check out, as their resort and spa will leave you refreshed on top of a satisfied appetite. These creative brunch classics all celebrate the western culture in the great state of Montana.

You can find this wildly popular spot across the street from Cateye Café, on North Tracy. They are not strictly a brunch spot, as they have an elaborate dinner menu. Lunch is served between 11am and 3pm weekdays; weekend brunches are served from 10am - 3pm. As you’d expect, similarly to Jam, Revelry serves an extensive list of boozy beverages. From Beer-mosas and Bloody Marys to lavender-infused mimosas, they are really stepping it up for the morning brunch demand. The dishes served are a delightful balance of savory and sweet, all sourced from local farms and ranches, so customers are sure to leave with their cravings satiated. 

The Farmer’s Daughters Café
Located on North 7th Avenue in Bozeman, The Farmer’s Daughters is a newly trending, family-run café at the RSVP Hotel, which opened in 2018. The two owners, small-town Montanan women, value serving healthy, nutrient-packed meals to their customers. Growing up on a farm dating back three generations, Hilary and Haylee Folkvord provide a truly local, small-town dining experience for your breakfast and brunch desires. As they, too, work with a handful of local farmers, ranchers, and businesses, all their unique, original dishes are guaranteed organic. Among their restaurant values, The Farmer’s Daughters crew works to maintain communal connection, support, and, most importantly, an upbeat vibe that welcomes any and all guests. The sisters emphasize: “We want the food to taste like you are in Grandma’s kitchen… but a little healthier.” If you want to feel the nurture and love of home-cooking while maintaining a balanced diet, The Farmer’s Daughters is the right location for you. 

Kountry Korner Café
Kountry Korner is a cozy café sitting on Gallatin Road at the heart of Four Corners. This sweet spot offers an assortment of omelets, pancakes, sandwiches, and more — celebrating the traditional American breakfast (and lunch) classics. Brunch is served with a side of entertainment, as a variety of country musicians come in to perform, and there are other special events. Be sure to stay in the know with their online calendar. The Kountry Korner experience deeply honors family and community, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Owner Betty Nason cultivates this loving environment, which has made it a locals’ favorite stop. She is described as a pillar of the Bozeman area, and it’s easy to see why she’s so highly respected in the business community. Come by for some brunch fixings and join the family!

Western Café
If you’re looking for a true, red-blooded, old Western-American atmosphere, stop by the Western Café at the east end of Main Street. The name says it all. This cozy breakfast spot is a staple in Bozeman, as it was established in the area back in the ‘40s. After a period of changing ownership and names, it was finally settled as the Western Café. This brunch spot takes customers back in time to the glory days of the developing “Old West.” Traditional American cooking takes the spotlight here, with breakfast classics embodying Montana food and values. The Western Café is more than just a breakfast establishment; it is a place of history and culture that shares the riches of the past.

Each of these restaurants offers something unique, whether it be a breakfast classic or a creative twist on brunch favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick, grab-and-go bite or want to sit and relax for a beat, there’s something on this list for everyone. With a commitment to quality and community, these restaurants are at the forefront of the bustling Bozeman restaurant community. Be sure to check out one (if not all!) of these cherished brunch spots and indulge in a truly memorable meal.