Top 10 Bozeman Experiences To Gift This Holiday Season

If you’re looking to give more than just a wrapped gift this year, check out this list of Bozeman’s best experiential gifts. Unique presents are a great way to show family and friends how much they mean to you by giving them time to relax, unwind, or try something new. These gifts are great for locals, or those visiting for the holidays, and will have you labeled a great gift- giver this holiday season. So, bring the holiday cheer with these top ten experiences to give this December.

Museum Membership
First on our list is a membership to The Museum of the Rockies. Whether it’s a first, or five hundredth visit, the rotating exhibits are a chance to learn something new each time you stop in. The dinosaur exhibit excites no matter how many times you’ve seen it. With the Taylor Planetarium offering daily shows, you find a fresh look beyond our world and into the cosmos. Great for families or individuals, an annual membership is a gift sure to please, and can be used at 360 museums all over the world.

Cooking Classes
If you’re looking for a warmer winter gift idea, take a peek at local cooking classes with La Cuisine, Bridger Kulinary Centre, or Chef Greg Montana. All three offer delicious cooking classes relevant to the season. Bridger Kulinary Centre offers a different class each week, with special classes such as Wild Game or Candies. A great gift for someone who recently moved out on their own, for a friend who wants to learn something new, or even for a fun date night, check out what these cooking classes have to offer.

Dog Sledding
If you’re looking to give something that is unique to Montana, there are plenty of options for Dog Sledding tours to explore. Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures guides around Big Sky and West Yellowstone. You have the option to ride with a guide or drive alone, learning to mush your own team of dogs. This is a great gift for families with kids of all ages, but make sure everyone is prepared for the weather. You’ll be outside for over two hours during this experience. Check out different opportunities with Spirit of the North, which travels through Big Sky, showing off the beauty of winter in the mountains.

Wine Clubs and Tastings
Many places around Bozeman offer a wonderful selection of wine and wine pairings. A great gift for those who enjoy a glass, consider a subscription to one of the many wine clubs around town. Vino Per Tutti offers three clubs, depending on what you’re looking to give. Club members also get exclusive access to events. The Wine Gallery offers four choices, depending on what type of wine is preferred. At Blend, five benefits are offered with their wine club membership, including quarterly releases that are accompanied by a party. This is a gift that gives year-round with ongoing events, releases, and tastings.

Art Classes
The Bozeman art scene is vibrant and growing, and everyone has an opportunity to join in on the fun. Art classes are a frequent occurrence at many local spots, intertwining art with food, drinks, and friends. For a great gift this holiday season, check out the paint and sip classes offered by Allison McGree at Shine, and by LeeAnn Ramey at the Residence Inn. If you’re looking for a more family-friendly gift, Pinspiration Bozeman rents out a Splatter Room, which is as exciting as it sounds, and Arts on Fire is always a pleasant place to spend a few hours painting. Not into getting your hands too dirty? You can also gift tickets to The Emerson’s art classes, including ceramics, painting, and drawing. They offer youth and adult classes, with long-term options, or one time drop-ins.

National Park Snowshoeing or Skiing Tour
A great experience to give locals or those just visiting, snowshoeing and skiing are exciting adventures, but to be guided through Yellowstone while doing it is a one-of-a-kind adventure. The opportunity to see Yellowstone in a whole different way is a wonderful gift for this holiday season. Check out this list of businesses which are authorized to give these tours here:

Snowmobile Rentals
For more outdoor gift opportunities, take a look at gifting your loved ones a snowmobiling tour. Big Boys Toys, Alpine Adventures, and Back Country Adventures all offer snowmobiling tours around town. This is a great option for those who want to experience the outdoors, but aren’t as active as skiers.

Spa Day
A relaxing spa day is always a great gift to spoil those close to you. This is an excellent idea for those looking for a getaway close to home. Local options like The Loft and Canyon River Spa offer gift cards or membership options. Bozeman Hot Springs, MilkThistle, and many other places here in Bozeman offer massages, skincare, scrubs, wraps, waxing and more. A great gift for someone you know who needs a day to themselves, away from the holiday buzz.

Tickets to a Show
If you’re looking for a bit of fun to give this year, tie a bow on some tickets to a local production. Each year, Montana TheatreWorks puts on a holiday-themed show at The Ellen, a Bozeman tradition. Another local theater group, The Verge has must-see shows in The Emerson’s Crawford Theater, with the goal of being offbeat, and inspiring to the community. Also at The Crawford Theatre, The Emerson gets in on the holiday cheer by organizing an annual burlesque show, Holiday Noir.

Escape Room
For your more adventurous family and friends, book an escape room this holiday season for a uniquely heart-pounding gift. Here in Bozeman, Escape406 and Bozeman Breakout offer rooms for any size group. In one hour, players must find clues and solve puzzles to escape the well-crafted room. Gift-givers beware—some of these rooms involve crawling, tight spaces, and even some small jump scares.

Holiday gift giving can be stressful. Hopefully, these options relieve some of that worry and make gift giving a breeze. Gifting experiences rather than physical things can bring your friends and family closer together, and can give them a holiday they’ll remember for years to come. Make sure to check out these options soon, as many opportunities in Bozeman sell out fast.