Zach Hoffman

Zach Hoffman was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and in 2012 graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Photography. In the Fall of 2012 Zach began his Masters studies in Photography at Lesley University College of Art and Design in Boston.

Since then he has participated in creative think tanks at MIT, completed a year long administrative and curatorial internship at the Photographic Resource Center of Boston, and participated in a performance and sound art festival at the Creative Arts International Biennial.

Following his passion and love for Montana, Zach has moved back to Bozeman where he is working, creating and soon will be teaching out of the Foundry, a creative syndicate established to foster imagination, collaboration, and industry through a co-working space/clubhouse, retail location, and gallery for local artist and small business owners. Fascinated by the power of light to transform and educate, Zach strives to create, grow, and enrich the local photographic community. Find Zach at or email him at  

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