Looking Forward With Bozeman Mag

Angie Ripple

Bozeman Magazine is the voice of our community and the community members invested in telling their stories and the story of Bozeman each month. In each issue about ten writers contribute, in 2017 you could be one of them.

As a leading local publication we want to continue to reveal what Bozeman really is to our readers. Not just national Top 10 ploys to get more people to visit and in turn move here, but the grit of what it actually takes to be a citizen of our town and state. There is much more to Bozeman than celebrities living in our surrounding areas, million dollar estates and business transactions, homes going up faster than a speeding ticket, and bear attacks. There are a lot of real people working really hard to keep their families happy and healthy here, to pay their taxes, to find jobs that leave a little left over at the end of the month to enjoy their lives. There are teenagers couch surfing and falling into addiction, some feel like they’ve been left no choice but to end it all. There are cold and hungry homeless people with mental health issues that need help. There are plenty of college students using alcohol and drugs to cope with the stresses they are feeling being on their own, away from home and the normalness they were used to before arriving here. (We are on a Top 10 Binge Drinking Towns list as well). We have real stuff going on here that you may or may not see.

In 2017 we’ll take a harder look at local issues effecting the community from a variety of viewpoints. If you would like to start sharing your viewpoint with our readers let us know by sending us an email (info@bozemanmagazine.com), a phone call will work too, 406-219-3455, but you will have to be willing to write in length about the topic. If you’re not sure you can write at length about a topic that you think is important to the community you can let us know your concerns and we’ll look for someone interested in writing about it.

In the issue of Bozeman Magazine you are currently reading we feature a variety of state and  local advocates for issues that effect families and children, the sick and dying, wilderness, animals, and those of many faiths. It wouldn’t be difficult to feature advocacy as a theme all twelve months of the year in Bozeman Magazine, we are a very caring community that advocates for many causes.

As well as featuring articles from our contributors we have the largest and most complete events calendar in the greater Bozeman area, fourteen pages of events covering kids, sports, recreation, fundraisers, lectures, music and more. Our calendar is available for any community member to add events to for FREE anytime. If you don’t see your event listed you can add it at bozemanmagazine.com/events/submit. We’ve also added special pricing on display advertising for event submitters, call or email for details, or wait for the event submission acceptance email after you submit your event.

We are looking forward to a great 2017, thanks for picking up the magazine, enjoy the read.   

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