November Cover Artist: Matt C. Jackson

Matt C. Jackson is a Ph.D. student in environmental engineering at Montana State University where his research focuses on sustainable wastewater treatment and algal cultivation. He has lived in Bozeman for the past five years where he has worked with the Center for Biofilm Engineering. Matt spends most of his free time in the summer hiking and backpacking, and in the winter snowboarding. He is an astrophotographer by hobby as it combines his love for the outdoors, star gazing, and photography. 

In his own words, “Bringing light to the darkness” allows him to explore the other side of the beautiful places we love. Many of the images capture the motion of our planet in the stars and showcase the grandeur of the universe. The images are meant to provide a glimpse into the mystery of the night and impart a sense

of wonder as we contemplate the beauty of our planet and the vastness of time and space. 

Please check out his website: to view more of his work.