February Cover Artist: Ben Jacobsen

Ben Jacobsen is a father, husband, skier, sailor, and photographer, just about in that order! It is rare to not find him outside with a camera year-round. Originally from Rhode Island, Ben came to Bozeman in 1996 to go to MSU for computer science and photography degrees, as well as to ski as much as possible. His interest in photography developed in high school when he took his first course. He has consistently shot the things he loves to do since, including landscape and travel photography.

Of shooting nature Ben says “I love getting out in the mornings before the sun is up, finding an amazing location and watching Mother Nature put on her best show. Exploring new places and sharing them is why I do this. For me, landscape photography is about capturing the right light in the right location.”

The cover image is of Deviated Septum at Bridger Bowl, a line that’s tucked away off high traverse. There is also an image of it at Alpine Cabin at Bridger. Ben set out to find it and did so mid-January.

Ben is now an architectural and real estate photographer, as well as an instructor at Bridger Bowl. You can find more of his work online at benjacobsenphoto.com or follow him on Instagram @benjacobsenphoto.