January Cover Artist: Kelley Sullivan

As a mixed media painter born and raised in Bozeman, Kelley carries a strong belief that art should evoke a powerful response, with feelings deeply personal to each viewer. The organic movement of paint within water allows her to work with little preconceptions, letting the medium decide much of its own path. While nature appears to be the heart of her inspiration, its a much more inward experience she aims to bring to life. Kelley’s work is largely commentary on the intimate experience of loss and grief.  

“Most of my art is inspired by loss—and I don’t mean that in a sad way.  Loss is the one absolute truth in life and something we all share. My works are often about the people we no longer have around us—whether the loss be from death or a move or a stranger that touched us that we never see again—and how we carry them with us. How people affect us and stay with us. I believe we keep little pieces of everyone we cross paths with.”  

Kelley’s work has been shown extensively across the United States. She has had three pieces published in mixed media coffee table books, was awarded the first place for painting award at the Ridgway Art Show just outside of Telluride, CO., and won the “Emerging Artist” award through Best of the Northwest in Fall of 2019. She is currently represented by Cello Gallery and Rapscallion Gallery in Bozeman, MT. Many of her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.   

Visit Kelley online at www.kelleyjsullivan.com and www.instagram.com/kelleyjsullivan