150th Issue

Angie Ripple

Welcome to the November 2019 issue of Bozeman Magazine, our 150th issue! Each month when I take the time to write an editor’s note, I try to impart something of value and encourage readers to explore the pages of the magazine with enthusiasm and curiosity; this month is no different. Local contributing writers have created articles that give a behind-the-scenes look at events before they happen, the local music scene, Gallatin Valley history, local restaurants and mountain lifestyle recreation; what we refer to as all-things-Bozeman. And, really that’s what Bozeman Magazine is about, all-things-Bozeman. Each issue is a collection of words inspired by and shaped by the place we live, work and play.

Because November holds one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, I thought it necessary to call out some of our long-time advertisers with a very big THANK YOU! Thank you to Cosmic Pizza, to Ken Burger, featured on p 15. Ken has advertised in EVERY issue of Bozeman Magazine, as well as our annual Food Scene dining guides. Thank you, Ken, and congratulations on your new restaurant opening soon in downtown Belgrade. Thank you to The Museum of the Rockies, The Bozeman Symphony, Verge Theatre, Bozeman Spirits, and ChickenJamWest Productions both for keeping our community vibrant with events, productions, education, and live music, and for choosing Bozeman Magazine as a venue to GET SEEN and connect with Bozemanites. Thank you to every local business who has chosen Bozeman Magazine past and present to build their business, create customer loyalty, and reach our readers through the power of print - we appreciate your business.

November wouldn’t be complete without the kicking off of Holiday shopping, parties, and all-around buzz, and we have some new advertisers this month who would love to see you drop by their businesses to see what they have to offer. Be sure to shop local this holiday season! Name dropping is always a good idea - if you saw something in Bozeman Magazine that spurred you to get out and experience something new or different be sure to mention us!

The 5th annual Bozeman’s Choice Reader Poll voting goes through November 7th this year; if you haven’t voted yet please visit www.bozemanmagazine.com and vote! Many local businesses are vying for 5 in a row wins and all of the content is reader added!

Thank you, Bozeman, and have a great month.   

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