2020 - We Made It

Angie Ripple

Do you remember December 31, 1999? The news was a buzz ahead of NYE about prepping for the end of the world, being sure your survival kit was ready, watching to see if your computer would reboot on Jan 1, and hey, in the blink of an eye here we are in 2020 not too worse for wear; we made it!

Entering a new decade is a big deal at our house because we have children who have barely made it to double digits, and one still a couple years away. The way that kids see time and the passage into a new decade is refreshing and hopeful. I hope that it rubs off on all the adults reading this editor’s note and magazine.

Since we’ve made it to the year 2020, may our vision for the future be as clear as the numbers suggest. At Bozeman Magazine, 2020 brings the results of our 5th annual Bozeman’s Choice Reader Poll. Each October we ask our readers to login and vote for all things Bozeman, and in January we publish the results on our website and in a print annual guide available at key locations in Bozeman throughout the year. Bozeman’s Choice results can help you navigate 2020 by revealing some new businesses you maybe haven’t visited yet, new appetizers and drinks voted #1, 2 & 3 that you’ve just got to try, yoga studios and doctors’ offices, rivers and trails, annual events and festivals, all for you to reflect on and consider in the coming year.

January is the perfect time to wipe your slate clean and get rid of things that aren’t serving you anymore, such as habits and maybe an old pair of shoes, and replace the old with new habits and ideas that will take you closer to your dreams and goals. If any of your resolutions involve being more creative, Bozeman Magazine may be a good place for you to contribute this year. We publish editorial from local writers each month, our calendar has the option for you to add your upcoming gigs and events, photos of local events and activities are always an added bonus for our website and upcoming issues, and each month we feature a local artist on our cover along with a statement or bio so you can learn more about their work. Please reach out if you would like to do more contributing in 2020.

When setting your intentions for the new year, I hope you will choose to be an active Bozeman community member, attending events and inviting others to join you. For a small city, Bozeman has SO many amazing events EVERY month for you to be a part of! We spend a lot of time gathering as many local events as possible for our Greater Yellowstone Events Calendar in print at the end of the magazine and online with new events added daily at bozemanmagazine.com/events. We put all the Bozeman events we can find in one place for you so you don’t have to dig for them and so that you can go out and take part in them, engage with your community, find a new hobby, have some fun! If it wasn’t already part of your 2020 to-do list, I hope you’ll add - Get Out to the list and check our calendar regularly.

I’m ready for an awesome 2020. I hope you are too. Thanks for reading; you made it to the end.   

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