Gift Local Experiences

Angie Ripple

Sometimes things don’t work out. And it’s okay. I thought I had a great idea to include a Give Experiences and Good Gift Guide in this issue of Bozeman Magazine. The intention was good; it was the execution that fell flat. When you are creating something that has never been done before, it is important to clearly share your vision with those who it would benefit most. I had trouble clearly sharing the vision with the correct community members who would most benefit, and in turn the project did not come to fruition, but the message is still important.

I don’t love the feeling I get around the holidays that I have to give gifts for the reason of giving them, or because it’s tradition. I am an acts-of-service person, so gift giving isn’t a priority for me, which makes the holiday season tricky, I want to enjoy it without the pressure. So, the idea of giving experiences is a very welcome one to me. If I were gifted a massage, or a night stay at a resort or even better a tree house, or maybe a sleigh ride with my family, I would be thrilled! Experiences and memories last much longer than a plastic soap holder or some other oddball gift given for the sake of giving, and I hope you agree.

So, the idea to share with you the local experiences you could be gifting this season as an article and gift guide for the magazine fell through this year, but this editor’s note is here to inspire you to look beyond the internet and the big box stores and dig into some experiential giving this year.

Here are just a few ideas relating to our advertisers to get you started: Give a membership to a museum: Museum of the Rockies, Gallatin History Museum and Montana Science Center all offer membership for individuals and families. Being able to enjoy changing exhibits and special member events will surely inspire more time to learn and explore! Give tickets: The Verge Theatre, Bozeman Symphony and ChickenJam West Productions have shows year round for locals to enjoy. Tickets aren’t very expensive but can give a lot of joy to the recipient. Cactus Records sells tickets of all types. Art is an experiential gift, not quite in the same way as going to an event or museum, but art can be appreciated in many ways and for a great length of time: a gift card to a local gallery or a selected piece of art from Mid Mod Studios or Tripp Studios and the Artists’ Gallery in the Emerson Cultural Center would certainly be appreciated as a gift. Maybe someone in your life would appreciate a new hockey stick of other gear to get them on the ice from Top Shelf Hockey; just think of all the memories to be made.

Now that I’ve planted the experiential giving seed, I hope you’ll look through the pages of this month’s issue with fresh eyes and a new perspective on giving this season.

Happy Holidays! 

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