Editors Note: Spring in Bozeman

Angie Ripple

Spring in Bozeman is likely still at least a month away, but that doesn’t stop Bozemanites from enjoying Spring Break! Some of you already have plans to head to Yellowstone International Airport to fly away to a more tropical location, or just a different bit of scenery; some of you may be packing up the minivan for a family road trip; some of us will be spending our spring break on a staycation in beautiful Bozeman. There is plenty to do and see in and around Bozeman this March. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Volunteer - Sometimes it takes time and training to get into a volunteer program, but some organizations just need help on the spot! Check out our Top 10 Places to Volunteer at bozemanmagazine.com for some popular local non-profits that are fun to volunteer for. If you want to drop in for a day during spring break to do some good, check out www.volunteermatch.org for more area volunteering opportunities. Volunteering is important and often provides individuals with much more than they expected in the way of relationships and accomplishment.

Get Outside - This was likely already on your to-do list, because, Bozeman. Outdoor activities are nearly endless, all-be-it they can be chilly this time of year. Try out ice skating, skiing (downhill or cross country), ice climbing, hiking, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and finish it all off with a soak at a local hot spring.

Order Off a New Menu - There are a lot of welcoming dining establishments around that maybe you haven’t taken the time to try out. Why not set aside an evening this Spring Break to choose a new place to have dinner, and if you choose, a drink. From local breweries that serve pizza, sandwiches, and more, to the many new restaurants that have opened in just the past few months, the choices are nearly endless. Breaking from the norm can be very satisfying, and you may even find a new favorite! bozemanmagazine.com lists EVERY restaurant in our area to get you started.

Quick Trip - If you know you’ll be “stuck” in Bozeman this Spring Break you could hopefully plan at least one day for a quick trip to a place or town nearby. We have a lot of recommendations on our website; here are a few off the top of my head: Land of Magic for dinner (Logan, MT), Livingston for music at the Murray Bar, Helena to visit the ExplorationWorks Science Center, Butte for a Montana history lesson, Big Timber to see the Natural Bridge.

Invite the Neighbors for Game Night - If you and the kids just couldn’t get out of town, take a look around the neighborhood to see who else is around and plan a game night or family activity with them. Sharing the weight of what to do with the kids over Spring Break will be welcomed by others in the same boat!

Kid Swap - On the same note as game night, offer to take your friends' kids for a few hours in exchange for the same. The kids will be happier with friends to play with/hang out with, and moms and dads can get stuff done, or just take a nap.

Temp Work - If you are a college kid with nowhere to go for Spring Break, get into a temp agency, or download the local app gigworx, to sign up for some work. You might as well make some money on your week off!

March is one of my favorite months because it is my birth month, but seriously is it spring yet?!  

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