June Cover Artist: Lindsey Hove

Lindsey Hove was born in Billings, MT and moved to Bozeman in 2006 to attend Montana State University. Lindsey’s passion for photography started by taking photos at live music events and he recalls, “I’ve always been involved one way or another in Bozeman’s live music scene, much before I ever picked up a camera”. Lindsey has been published several times for his work covering music events for organizations such as Logjam Presents, ChickenJam West Productions, and even representing Bozeman Magazine on one occasion.

“Live music is a really important part of my life, and being able to take photos that let people relive those moments after that show has ended has really been a privilege in my life”.

Lindsey also does freelance photography work in his free time and is a wedding photographer for hire in the summer. “I find myself doing a lot of landscape and long-exposure photography these days as well, my tastes come and go with the seasons. One night I’m inside a venue shooting a rock band, the next day I’m on my motorcycle headed towards the woods with my drone; which is funny because that’s actually the story behind the cover photo, it’s taken from 300ft above Hyalite Reservoir with my drone.”