March Cover Artist: Kelsey Dzintars

Based on personal soul-invigorating experiences in the Northern Rockies, Kelsey’s acrylic paintings reflect the elusive space between dream and reality in which our inner psyche finds its interconnectedness with the outer world. Her current collection of work is simultaneously an offer of gratitude for our awe-inspiring planet as well as a comment on the conservation conversation, emphasizing that a practiced awareness of our innate oneness with the Earth is and will be driving the desire to save it.

“Acrylic paint as a medium allows me to play the line between solidity and fluidity - I sometimes have meticulous control and at other times must relinquish my authority as an artist. In this way, I feel the act of painting itself is a reflection of our morphing ecosystem and the human attempt to control its evolution.”

Kelsey pursued art and music throughout her upbringing in Rapid City, South Dakota, and earned her BFA in Graphic Design in 2009 from Montana State University, calling southwest Montana ‘home’ ever since. The cover image reflects the many contemplative dog walks she has experienced in her quirky northside neighborhood in Bozeman.

In addition to her fine artwork, Kelsey has more than a decade of experience in graphic design and illustration, including extensive work for the Outlaw Partners, Arete Skis, OARS Whitewater and Boundary Expeditions. Outside of working on personal and commissioned creative projects from her home studio, she spends summers working as a guide on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River, and gallivanting around mountains and rivers of the West with her rock-and-rain loving mutt, Neko.

Kelsey’s current collection, “Moments of the Infinite,” is currently on exhibit in the Emerson’s Lobby Gallery until May. The original painting of the cover image is on display at Seven Sushi. View more of her work on instagram at @kdzintars_art, or